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A healthy mouth is your passport to a healthy life. It’s that simple. Research shows that, preserving a healthy smile isn’t just about vanity anymore. Good oral health is essential to your well being.  Poor oral hygiene, whether from neglect or the result of low-quality treatment, can have negative health consequences down the road.

Therefore, an ounce of prevention is worth every pound of cure. Periodontist Dr. Miles Madison’s expertise offers the most advanced prevention available anywhere. He wrote the “book” (Wikipedia article, actually) on sophisticated oral procedures, such as the sinus lift, and is among America’s elite periodontists and dental implant dentists. Dr. Madison’s extensive experience ensures that even the most basic treatment performed at Beverly Hills Periodontics (e.g., teeth cleaning) is based on the latest science and techniques in the dental health industry.

But expertise alone is not enough. The prospect of a dental implant, gum grafts or periodontal gum disease treatment is stressful for most everyone. Dr. Madison and his staff are highly competent, but also exceptionally compassionate. Whether you require a tooth implant, crown lengthening, or treatment for gum recession, Dr. Madison’s staff will walk you though every step of the process and offer their understanding and support.

Dental implant costs and the costs of oral surgery generally can also be a great source of stress for patients. While low-cost dental implants and oral surgeries have become more common, the poor results they often deliver can end up being a very poor value. A high quality oral bone graft, gum graft or dental implant procedure from Beverly Hills Periodontics can last a lifetime and is therefore a much better value in the long run.

Dr. Madison’s use of the latest dental technologies -digital radiographs; 3D CT scanner, high-resolution intra-oral cameras – also creates great value for patients. It ensures the most accurate diagnosis and prevents money being wasted on ineffective treatments. Dr. Madison also favors leading-edge microsurgical techniques over traditionally invasive oral surgery treatments. Minimally invasive procedures maximize comfort for patients, reduce costs and speed up healing times.

We offer this website as an unbiased resource with the latest information regarding tooth implants, dental surgery, gum grafts and dental bone grafts. While our site is an excellent starting point for your periodontal treatment, our office staff is also available to answer any questions your may have. We look forward to helping you achieve exceptional oral health because we believe a healthy mouth is your passport to a healthy life.

Beverly Hills Periodontics: Putting a Smile On Your Face.

Dr Miles Madison, Periodontist, DDS.


A beautiful smile can create a whole new level of self-confidence, especially when you consider that it’s often the first thing we notice about another person. If you are self-conscious or bothered by the appearance of your smile, then you may want to consider periodontal treatment.
Patients all across the country, not just in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, choose us for their periodontal needs.
We accept as payment, all major credit cards, cash and checks. For more details on dental implant costs, please see our dental implants pricing page.

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