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Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening and Gummy Smile Reduction – You have probably seen people with what you would consider short teeth, or a “gummy” smile. While it may appear that their teeth are shorter than normal, it’s often just a case of teeth being hidden behind the gums. By repositioning the gum line, you can improve your smile and the contours of your face.


One of the major advantages of crown lengthening is that it can often be completed in one visit with a simple anesthetic. Essentially, the excessive gum tissue that is hiding your teeth is removed to expose the normal length of the tooth.

With crown lengthening, you’ll benefit from:

  • enhanced teeth that no longer look short or like “baby teeth”
  • a much more attractive smile
  • an improved self-image and more self-confidence
  • a relatively quick healing period with little pain
  • visible results in as little as one week from surgery

Aside from the esthetic benefits of crown lengthening, correcting a “gummy ” smile can also improve your overall periodontal health. When gum tissue does not recede normally as adult teeth appear, pockets can form in the gums, which can result in advanced periodontal disease. By contouring the gums through crown lengthening, you can not only improve the look and confidence of your smile, but also prevent future problems.


Crown lengthening is a relatively common procedure and it can be done with a local anesthetic. Once the patient is numbed, a small incision will be made around the tooth or teeth needing crown lengthening. Once the incision is made, the extra gum tissue will be gently pulled away from the tooth so that the bone supporting the tooth is exposed.


After the gum tissue is peeled back, its position is contoured to form a better position on the tooth. The new gum line is then shaped to ensure that both sides look the same…from the molars on one side of the mouth to the molars on the other side so that the new smile is natural and even.


For most patients, crown lengthening won’t require any additional post-operative care and any slight pain can be easily managed with Ibuprofen. While crown lengthening patients can return to work and begin eating soft foods the day after surgery, full recovery of the gum tissue generally takes one or two weeks.

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