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Local Delivery of Antibiotics

Recent advances in periodontal treatment allow us to place medications directly at the site of infection. Two of the most commonly used medications of this kind are:

Atridox is a medicated gel that is gently squeezed under the diseased gums. Once in place the gel solidifies and slowly releases the antibiotic into the gum area for a period of ten days. Atridox is an excellent non-surgical microtherapy option for treating isolated diseased sites in the patient’s mouth.

Arestin is a medicated powder (microspheres) that is gently inserted below the gum line, and allows for the slow release of antibiotic into the infected area. Arestin is generally used in conjunction with scaling and root planing, and may need to be repeated.

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    Nonie H. from Santa Monica, CA
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    Randy Carolyn C. from Los Angeles, CANicklson . ATC resident manager co.
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    Edith E. from Beverly Hills, CA
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    Jesse W. from Los Angeles, CA
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