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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry – We fully recognize that the dental office is not where most people want to spend their valuable time. Studies have shown that up to 30% of the population avoids dental care due to fear. With sedation dentistry we have effective and safe methods for providing dental care with the utmost comfort to our patients.  Depending on the length or the complexity of the procedure, various sedation options are available to our patients. These options are:

Local Anesthesia: Local anesthesia or  commonly referred to as “novocaine” is the most effective means of pain control in dentistry during AND after the procedure.  A properly administered local anesthetic will keep the patient completely numb during the procedure and has shown to reduce post procedure pain as well.  Dr. Madison has an exceptionally gentle touch with his injections.  Most patients do not even feel the shots that he administers, and he will not proceed until the patinet is fully numb and comfortable.

Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen (laughing gas): Nitrous oxide gas is an inhalation (breathing) sedative that also provides some pain relief. It is administered with a mask that goes over the patient’s nose.  While the gas is on and the patient is breathing it in, it brings a feeling of sedation and euphoria to the patient. Nitrous oxide is very safe, and does not have a hangover effect.  The effect of nitrous oxide goes away within minutes of its removal. This is an excellent option for minor procedures.

Oral Sedation: Oral pills are administered to the patient prior to their dental procedure which can cause a profound sedation and amnestic (forgetfulness) effect.  While under this type of sedation the patient is also administered oxygen through a mask, and local anesthesia.  The patient is carefully monitored while under sedation.  This is a very safe and effective method for most dental procedures.  The patient has to have a responsible adult to accompany them to and from their appointment.

General Anesthesia: For the very apprehensive patients, or long and complicated procedures a dental anesthesiologist will be present who will sedate the patient and monitor them for their well being.  We are fortunate to work with some of the brightest anesthesiologists in the city.

Happy Patients

  • Dr. Madison is the best!
    Jacky L. from Los Angeles, CA
  • Dr. Madison came highly recommended and did not disappoint. Everything was done professionally and efficiently with a minimum of time and discomfort. Also, his office is phenomenal, state of the art. This was actually easier than getting my teeth cleaned.
    Nonie H. from Santa Monica, CA
  • Fantastic staff. Dr. Madison is a calm and skilled pro.
    Randy Carolyn C. from Los Angeles, CANicklson . ATC resident manager co.
  • I am thrilled that Dr. Madison was able to save my tooth!
    Janice B. from Encino
  • Never even took Tylenol.
    Judy W. from Beverly Hills, CA

Wonderful Testimonials

  • I am very pleased with the entire experience from start to finish.
    Dylan M. from Los Angeles, CA
  • Dr. Madison was always very informative and gentle with every procedue. He really took the time to get me well again!
    Rachel W. from Burbank, CA
  • Beautiful office, friendly staff and gentle dentist. What's not to love?
    Edith E. from Beverly Hills, CA
  • Quick, painless and my implants look great! Did I mention painless! The staff is friendly and professional.
    Jesse W. from Los Angeles, CA
  • Great "Chair-side manner," no pain and amazing results!!! What else could you ask for?
    Alan L. from Hermosa Beach, CA

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