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Laser Gum Treatment

Laser Gum Treatment – Lasers have been used in modern dentistry for a while now but we have had major improvements with medical lasers in the past decade. The type of laser used for treatment of periodontal disease makes a big impact on the success of the treatment.  It is important to note that the laser is just a tool, it is the expertise of the operator that determines success.  At Beverly Hills Periodontal Institute, Dr. Madison uses state of the art laser for treatment of periodontal diseases.  

How Laser Dentistry Works

Laser dentistry works well because it uses the laser beam which is delivered through a thin fiber optic strand to the affected area.  The precise nature of the laser beam removes the ifected gum lining with minimal trauma to the tissues, and at the same time disinfects and kills the harful bacteria.  There is also evidence that the laser light stimulates the cells in the area to regenerate the lost tissues. 

 Perhaps the biggest advantage of laser periodontal treatment, however, is less post-operative pain. Oftentimes, patients are back to work right away with minimal pain or soreness.

We can help assess to see if laser assisted periodontal treatment is the right approach for your particular needs.

Happy Patients

  • Dr. Madison is the best!
    Jacky L. from Los Angeles, CA
  • Dr. Madison came highly recommended and did not disappoint. Everything was done professionally and efficiently with a minimum of time and discomfort. Also, his office is phenomenal, state of the art. This was actually easier than getting my teeth cleaned.
    Nonie H. from Santa Monica, CA
  • Fantastic staff. Dr. Madison is a calm and skilled pro.
    Randy Carolyn C. from Los Angeles, CANicklson . ATC resident manager co.
  • I am thrilled that Dr. Madison was able to save my tooth!
    Janice B. from Encino
  • Never even took Tylenol.
    Judy W. from Beverly Hills, CA

Wonderful Testimonials

  • I am very pleased with the entire experience from start to finish.
    Dylan M. from Los Angeles, CA
  • Dr. Madison was always very informative and gentle with every procedue. He really took the time to get me well again!
    Rachel W. from Burbank, CA
  • Beautiful office, friendly staff and gentle dentist. What's not to love?
    Edith E. from Beverly Hills, CA
  • Quick, painless and my implants look great! Did I mention painless! The staff is friendly and professional.
    Jesse W. from Los Angeles, CA
  • Great "Chair-side manner," no pain and amazing results!!! What else could you ask for?
    Alan L. from Hermosa Beach, CA

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